Crash Courses

Sports Nutrition

  • $ 150   $90
Join Dr. Omnia in an enlightening course where she delves into the principles of sports nutrition applicable to athletes of all ages and different cases such as children, adults and pregnant athletes. Learn about calculation of calories & individualized dietary requirements for athletes, addressing critical aspects such as managing food allergies, navigating eating disorders, and utilizing nutrition for injury prevention and recovery, while uncovering the profound impact of optimum nutrition on enhancing sports performance and transforming athletes' bodies into masterpieces of strength and agility. Buy Now Details

Healthcare Quality Into Reality

  • $ 150   $120
In this course, you will discover the fundamental pillars of Healthcare Quality and Hospital Management. Acquire invaluable insights into the pivotal policies, procedures, risk management practices that shape the very fabric of healthcare organizations, real-world case studies, and practical tools. embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a healthcare quality leader, making a difference in the industry through practical application of healthcare quality management. Buy Now Details

The Protaper Technique Simple Yet Efficient

  • $ 180   $144
This course is dedicated to the meticulous process of designing access cavity preparation in both maxillary and mandibular molars. It offers a detailed exploration of shaping protocol sequences, the distinctions between the step back and crown-down techniques. It also covers essential aspects of irrigation systems and effective canal disinfection, with a particular focus on the Protaper system. Additionally, it discusses the manual crown-down technique, including the precise steps of obturation using custom Gutta Percha points and lateral condensation. You will also learn how to effectively address challenges that may arise during the process and how to manage them.
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Meal Planning and Nutritional Assessment

  • $ 150   $90
The course covers essential topics such as nutrition basics, definitions, and calculations of calories. You will explore nutrition instructions for popular diets like My Plate, Mediterranean Diet, and Dash Diet. The course also includes a focus on nutrition assessment, exchange list, obesity, identifying wrong diets, how to create customized and personalized meal plans for your patient and analyzing real-life case studies to enhance practical understanding and application.

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Pharmaceutical Selling Skills

  • $ 150   $90
In this course you will discover the art of successful pharmaceutical selling, learn the principles and techniques of effective selling, master the art of attracting and retaining customers, create a powerful brand that leaves a lasting impression, and overcome obstacles in the selling process․ This course equips you with the skills to confidently close deals and achieve success in pharmaceutical sales. Join us to elevate your selling capabilities and thrive in the competitive world of pharmaceutical sales.

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Patient Safety

  • $ 150   $135
In this course, you will delve into the core principles of patient safety and quality management within healthcare settings. The course aims to foster a pervasive culture of safety, ensuring that patient well-being remains paramount. You will explore the various categories of potential errors that can arise during healthcare delivery, studying their origins and effective preventive measures. Moreover, you will learn about global benchmarks for patient protection and strategies aimed at elevating the standards of healthcare quality. Buy Now Details

Hospital Pharmacy

  • $ 180   $144
Explore the dynamic field of hospital pharmacy with our training course. Learn about preventing medication errors, managing adverse drug reactions, and mastering automated dispensing cabinets. Cultivate a patient-centric safety culture and navigate high-risk medications and medication repackaging. Additionally, delve into the key features of pharmaceutical services within hospital-based pharmacies, discovering unmet needs, and honing leadership skills as a professional pharmacist. Buy Now Details

Healthcare Systems Accreditation

  • $ 150   $120
In our Healthcare Systems Accreditation Course, you will delve deeper into the core principles of hospital accreditation. Discover the intricacies of different accreditation systems like JCI, CBAHI, GAHAR, and their significance in elevating healthcare standards globally. Gain invaluable insights into the pivotal role of Healthcare Quality specialists as they guide hospitals towards achieving prestigious accreditation status and becoming a leader in shaping a culture of excellence and patient-centered care.

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Consumer Behavior for Pharmacists

  • $ 120   $60
In this course, you will study the steps associated with consumer decision-making and delineate how each step influences the choices consumers make.
Discuss How risk, Involvement, Control, and Engagement affect consumers’ decision-making and Identify general models of health behavior. 

Basics of Biotechnology and Career Opportunities

  • $ 150   $105
Explore the world of Biotechnology through our cutting-edge course, which encompasses an understanding of diverse biotechnological fields ranging from DNA, genes, and gene expression to the revolutionary world of recombinant DNA technology. Discover animal cell culture, stem cells, genetically modified organisms, and gene therapy. In addition to the vast employment opportunities in the Biotechnology industry, join us and unlock the potential of Biotechnology, a rapidly evolving domain at the forefront of science and medicine. Buy Now Details

Project Management for Healthcare Professionals

  • $ 150   $75
This course is designed to give you the fundamentals of Project Management. You will learn the basic steps to start your healthcare project (clinic, Pharmacy ..etc).
How to do a feasibility study for your project? and How to follow up on the project and ensure your project's success.

Professional Nursing Skills

  • $ 120   $84
Explore the core principles that underpin the nursing profession and delve into the essential standards and values upheld by nurses. In our comprehensive Professional Nursing Skills course, you will develop a deep understanding of the vital skills required for successful nursing practice. From mastering clinical techniques to understanding your responsibilities, duties and Occupational safety and health procedures for nursing profession, this course equips you with the necessary procedures and knowledge to excel in your professional nursing journey. Join us and embark on a transformative learning experience, empowering you to deliver compassionate and proficient care to your patients. Buy Now Details

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

  • $ 200   $100
  • Crown lengthening is an invaluable skill that all dentists should have. Whether you want to complete simple restorative or complex aesthetic cases as part of a smile makeover this course will help you achieve that Esthetic crown lengthening is used to treat gummy smile cases and also veneer cases that need crown lengthening before the restorative phase.

  • This online course includes hands-on exercises and many case illustrations, plus video demonstrations of surgical techniques.

  • After completion of this online course, we provide a 2 days workshop with extra fees, this workshop is designed to allow dentists to practice these procedures on patients and to give them the confidence to perform surgical crown lengthening in everyday practice. 
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Digital Marketing For Healthcare Professionals

  • $ 150   $120
Join our cutting-edge course based on the highly effective SOSTAC strategy and covers essential pillars, including situational analysis, targeting marketing campaigns, strategic steps, and the influential SOSTAC strategy. Discover the art of harnessing various social media platforms to reach your desired target effectively, achieving remarkable results from your digital marketing endeavors. Master the art of strategic planning, implementation, and optimization, and stay ahead in the competitive world of healthcare marketing.
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Micro sclerotherapy

  • 150 $
In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of Sclerotherapy, a highly effective treatment for spider veins, telangiectasia, and various other dermatological conditions. You will explore the Sclerotherapy, from its clinical implications to the precise injection techniques that yield optimal results. Furthermore, you will Learn about examination of the advantages and disadvantages of Sclerotherapy, equipping you with the knowledge needed to make informed treatment decisions. Lastly, we will guide you through essential post-treatment care practices, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your patients.
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