Digital Marketing For Healthcare Professionals

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Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time, In this course, we will take you on a journey with Dr. Abeer to explore more about SOSTAC; one of the best frameworks to use for marketing campaign planning.

SOSTAC® planning works for long-term plans (corporate plans & business plans) and short-term plans (marketing plans, marketing communications plans, digital marketing plans, CRM plans, and advertising plans. 

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Consumer Behavior for Pharmacists

  • $ 120   $60
In this course you will study the steps associated with consumer decision-making and delineate how each step influences the choices consumers make.
Discuss How risk, Involvement, Control, and Engagement affect consumers’ decision making and Identify general models of health behavior. 

Hospital Pharmacy

  • $ 180   $144
In this course Dr.Nourhan talks about the key features of pharmaceutical services provided within and from hospital-based pharmacies. She demonstrates the required tools in recognizing the unmet needs inside hospital and how to take a leadership role in accomplishing the daily tasks as a professional pharmacist. Buy Now Details

Pharmaceutical Selling Skills

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In this course, You will be able to explore more about the professional selling techniques, practices and tools involved in all aspects of pre-sale pharmaceutical and medical devices, profitable selling process and creating loyal customers.

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