Esthetic Crown Lengthening

  • 200 $
  • Unlock the expertise you need to elevate your dental practice with our specialized course in esthetic crown lengthening. Whether you're aiming to refine your restorative skills or perfect complex aesthetic transformations for smile makeovers, this comprehensive program is tailored to empower you.
  • Our online curriculum is enriched with hands-on exercises, vivid case studies, and detailed video tutorials showcasing essential surgical techniques. Dive deep into the art of esthetic crown lengthening, a crucial procedure for addressing gummy smiles and preparing veneer cases for optimal results.
  • Upon completing the online course, take your proficiency to the next level with an optional 2-day workshop. Led by seasoned professionals, this immersive workshop offers valuable hands-on experience, enabling you to confidently perform surgical crown lengthening in your everyday practice.
  • Invest in your professional growth today with our cutting-edge dental courses, designed to refine your skills and enhance patient outcomes.
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Endodontics & Infection Control Bundle

  • $ 300   $270
This course is dedicated to the meticulous process of designing access cavity preparation in both maxillary and mandibular molars. It offers a detailed exploration of shaping protocol sequences and the distinctions between the step-back and crown-down techniques. It also covers essential aspects of irrigation systems and effective canal disinfection, with a particular focus on the Protaper system, the manual crown-down technique, and how to effectively address and manage challenges that may arise during the process.

In the infection control and prevention Diploma. You will understand the significance of infection prevention in curbing transmission and gain comprehensive knowledge of safety precautions and occupational health. Emerging as a skilled infection control practitioner, you'll contribute to a healthier environment for individuals and communities.
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The Protaper Technique for Endodontics Treatment

  • 180 $

Explore Comprehensive Endodontic Treatment Techniques and Dive deep into the intricacies of designing access cavity preparation for maxillary and mandibular molars in this specialized dental education course. Discover detailed shaping protocol sequences, differentiate between step-back and crown-down techniques, and master essential aspects of irrigation systems and canal disinfection, with a focus on the Protaper system. Gain insights into the manual crown-down technique, including precise obturation steps using custom Gutta Percha points and lateral condensation. Learn effective strategies to overcome challenges that may arise during the process and expertly manage them.

Enroll now and enhance your skills as an endodontist through step-by-step Protaper technique training. Don't miss this opportunity to advance your career in endodontic treatment!

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