Pharmaceutical Selling Skills

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Course Overview

In this course you will discover the art of successful pharmaceutical selling, learn the principles and techniques of effective selling, master the art of attracting and retaining customers, create a powerful brand that leaves a lasting impression, and overcome obstacles in the selling process․ This course equips you with the skills to confidently close deals and achieve success in pharmaceutical sales. Join us to elevate your selling capabilities and thrive in the competitive world of pharmaceutical sales.

What you'll learn

  • Mastering the principles of professional selling, understanding the art of building strong customer relationships.
  • Developing a compelling selling philosophy that attracts and retains customers, while establishing successful brand identity.
  • Acquiring effective selling techniques and utilizing proven frameworks to drive sales and achieve targets.
  • Crafting compelling marketing strategies to highlight the advantages of your product and captivate the target audience.
  • Overcoming potential obstacles in the selling process with finesse and adaptability.
  • Utilizing professional closure techniques to successfully seal deals and foster long-term customer satisfaction.

Content "Pharmaceutical Selling Skills " (2H:00Min)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Introduction Of 7 Selling Steps images   2:28
2. Step 1 - Pre Call Planning (Targeting And Utilizing Waiting Time)   4:54
3. Step 1 - Pre Call Planning (Call Preparation-Review Last Call)   2:16
4. Step 1 - Pre Call Planning (SMART Objective)   6:40
5. Step 1 - Pre Call Planning (Call Preparation - Promotion Material And Detailing)   2:27
6. Step 2 - Opening The Call   9:53
7. Step 3 - Questioning   10:20
8. Step 4 - Presentation   5:40
9. Step 5 - Handling Objections   11:58
10. Step 6 - Effective Closing   2:00
11. Step 7 post - Call Analysis   2:01
12. Objectives Of Greetings And Opening   4:12
13. Funnel Questioning Technique images   4:14
14. DAPA Method   3:36
15. How to Present Benefits ?   2:11
16. Is Objection Obstacle Or Opportunity ?   4:58
17. Handling Objection (Unspoken Objection)   8:54
18. Handling Objection That We Can Hear And (Can) Answer   4:37
19. Handling Objection That We Can Hear And (CANNOT) Answer   2:20
20. Selling The Price Effectively (Sandwich Method)   3:52
21. What Prevents An Effective Closing ?   2:33
22. Why Medical Rep. May Not Close Well ?   3:16
23. When To Close A Sale ?   1:07
24. 7 Steps Of Effective Closing   2:30
25. Objectives Of Asking Questions   3:14
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The pharmaceutical selling techniques course offers valuable academic benefits and witness a significant boost in career prospects. The course equips you with a deep understanding of professional selling principles, effective selling techniques, and strategies to overcome selling process obstacles.

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