Basics of Biotechnology and Career Opportunities

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Dr. Sohaila Galal

Immunology & Biotechnology Lecturer

Course Overview

Explore the world of Biotechnology through our cutting-edge course, which encompasses an understanding of diverse biotechnological fields ranging from DNA, genes, and gene expression to the revolutionary world of recombinant DNA technology. Discover animal cell culture, stem cells, genetically modified organisms, and gene therapy. In addition to the vast employment opportunities in the Biotechnology industry, join us and unlock the potential of Biotechnology, a rapidly evolving domain at the forefront of science and medicine.

What you'll learn

  • Introduction to Biotechnology: Understand the fundamental principles of biotechnology.
  • The diverse applications of biotechnology in medicine, agriculture, drugs, industry, and more.
  • DNA and Gene Expression: the structure and function of DNA, and gene expression in living organisms.
  • Genetic engineering methods, including cloning, PCR, and gene editing technologies.
  • Bioprocessing techniques and fermentation processes used in biotechnology.
  • The diverse range of job prospects and employment opportunities available in the field of biotechnology.

Course Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of biology․
  • Passion for scientific exploration.

Content "Basics of Biotechnology and Career Opportunities" (3H:20M)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Course Introduction images   5:01
2. Definition, History and Applications of Biotechnology (Part1)   7:31
3. Applications of Biotechnology (Part2)   8:00
4. DNA, Genes and gene expression   4:53
5. DNA recombinant technology   6:12
6. Cloning   11:59
7. Cell culture   17:23
8. How biotechnology be useful in our life   8:53
9. Biological challenges in 21th   8:35
10. Biotechnology workforce   10:11
Lecture Title Watch
Open discussion and Q&A (Zoom Session)   2H:00Min
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Course Details

  • The basics of biotechnology course offers numerous academic benefits; you will gain a comprehensive understanding of fundamental principles, DNA structure, gene expression, and genetic engineering techniques.
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