The Protaper Technique Simple Yet Efficient

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Course Overview

This course is dedicated to the meticulous process of designing access cavity preparation in both maxillary and mandibular molars. It offers a detailed exploration of shaping protocol sequences, the distinctions between the step back and crown-down techniques. It also covers essential aspects of irrigation systems and effective canal disinfection, with a particular focus on the Protaper system. Additionally, it discusses the manual crown-down technique, including the precise steps of obturation using custom Gutta Percha points and lateral condensation. You will also learn how to effectively address challenges that may arise during the process and how to manage them.

What you'll learn

  • Endodontic Root Canal Therapy.
  • Variances in access cavity preparation methods and precise Access Cavity Design.
  • Effective shaping Techniques and canal disinfection.
  • The Protaper Sequence and Various Endodontic Instruments.
  • Advanced root canal obturation.
  •  Problem-solving for challenges in practice.

Course Requirements

  • Sufficient knowledge of the General concepts of endodontics including tooth pulp morphology and good knowledge of tools used to achieve access cavity preparation.

Content "The Protaper Technique Simple Yet Efficient " (2H:21Min)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Course Overview images   2:26
2. Primary Endodontic Workflow - Access Cavity Preparation (Part 1)   2:42
3. Access Cavity Preparation (Part 2)   2:52
4. Access Cavity Preparation (Part 3)   12:24
5. Primary Endodontic Workflow - Bio Mechanical Preparation   4:44
6. Working Length Determination   5:51
7. Initial File Selection   5:06
8. Instrumentation & Shaping (Part 1)   2:30
9. Instrumentation & Shaping (Part 2)   2:48
10. Instrumentation and shaping (Part 3)   9:15
11. Primary Endodontic Workflow - Obturation   3:06
12. Retention Form Evaluation   3:27
13. Resistance Form valuation   4:11
14. Sequence of lateral condensation   7:15
15. Q&A - Part 1   6:01
16. Q&A - Part 2   6:13
Lecture Title Watch
Open discussion and Q&A (Zoom Session)   0
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