Esthetic Crown Lengthening

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Dr. Shaimaa Nasr

PhD in Implantology, Cairo University

Course Overview

  • Unlock the expertise you need to elevate your dental practice with our specialized course in esthetic crown lengthening. Whether you're aiming to refine your restorative skills or perfect complex aesthetic transformations for smile makeovers, this comprehensive program is tailored to empower you.
  • Our online curriculum is enriched with hands-on exercises, vivid case studies, and detailed video tutorials showcasing essential surgical techniques. Dive deep into the art of esthetic crown lengthening, a crucial procedure for addressing gummy smiles and preparing veneer cases for optimal results.
  • Upon completing the online course, take your proficiency to the next level with an optional 2-day workshop. Led by seasoned professionals, this immersive workshop offers valuable hands-on experience, enabling you to confidently perform surgical crown lengthening in your everyday practice.
  • Invest in your professional growth today with our cutting-edge dental courses, designed to refine your skills and enhance patient outcomes.

What you'll learn

  •  Identifying methods for diagnosing esthetic crown lengthening.
  •  Exploring various surgical strategies employed.
  • Overviewing the equipment and tools utilized.
  •  Understanding effective suturing methods.
  •  Achieving consistent and reliable impressions.
  •  Examining factors contributing to red gum tissue near margins.
  •  Coordinating surgical actions with restorative processes.

Content "Esthetic Crown Lengthening" (2H:30M)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Course Overview images   1:42
2. Instructor Presentation : Anatomy   2:51
3. Instructor Presentation : Biological Width   3:23
4. Instructor Presentation : Objectives and Diagnosis   9:19
5. Instructor Presentation : Brief Summary   5:46
6. Instructor Surgery : Measuring the amount of keratinized tissue   2:39
7. Instructor Surgery : Reverse bevel incision using 15c blades   12:37
8. Instructor Surgery : Flap reflection   10:23
9. Instructor Surgery: Osseous re-contouring   14:58
10. Instructor Surgery : Soft tissue trimming   5:23
11. Instructor Surgery : Creating partial thickness apically by sharp dissection.   3:18
12. Instructor Surgery : Suturing using vertical internal mattress suture   25:30
13. Surgery Questions & Answers   13:44
14. Trainee Surgery (Part 1)   18:39
15. Trainee Surgery (Part 2)   17:24
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Course Details

Unlock Your Potential with Esthetic Crown Lengthening Comprehensive Dental Course, Are you ready to revolutionize your dental practice? Look no further than our Esthetic Crown Lengthening course, an indispensable skill set for dentists aiming to excel in both restorative and aesthetic dentistry. Led by Dr. Shaimaa Nasr, a distinguished expert in implantology and periodontal surgeries with over a decade of experience, this course is meticulously crafted to empower dentists with the knowledge and skills needed to master esthetic crown lengthening.

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