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Join Dr. Omnia in an enlightening course where she delves into the principles of sports nutrition applicable to athletes of all ages and different cases such as children, adults and pregnant athletes. Learn about calculation of calories & individualized dietary requirements for athletes, addressing critical aspects such as managing food allergies, navigating eating disorders, and utilizing nutrition for injury prevention and recovery, while uncovering the profound impact of optimum nutrition on enhancing sports performance and transforming athletes' bodies into masterpieces of strength and agility.

What you'll learn

Course Requirements

  • Passion for fitness and sports.
  • Willing to help athletes reach their optimal performance through healthy sports nutrition ․

Content "Sports Nutrition" (2H:5Min)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Course Introduction images   4:33
2. Vitamins , Minerals , Electrolytes and Water.   2:10
3. Exercise Energy Systems.   5:23
4. Nutrition for Optimal Athletic Performance .   8:20
5. General Dietary guidelines.   3:10
6. Water Needs for Athletes.   4:33
7. Nutrition for Endurance, Supplements and Body Composition Assessment.   12:04
8. Weight Management and Body Energy.   6:30
9. Energy Needs of Strength Sports   8:08
10. Energy Balance.   13:40
11. Nutrition for active children and adolescents   9:41
12. Nutrition Needs for Pregnant Athletes & Older Adults images   12:12
13. Nutrition with Illness and injury   15:27
14. Eating and Exercise disorders   9:30
15. Different Diets and Food Allergies   7:48
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Unlock the secrets of optimal performance with our comprehensive sports nutrition course. Designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the field, this course offers academic rigor and practical expertise. Boost your career prospects as a successful nutritionist, specializing in sportive nutrition.

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