Sports Nutrition

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Course Overview

In this course Dr.Omnia talks about the fundamentals of sports nutrition along all ages, how to calculate different athlete’s need. Then she clarifies the role of effective nutrition in improving sports performance and making difference in the construction and shape of athlete’s body.

What you'll learn

  • The basics of nutrition for athletes
  • How to calculate the nutritional needs of different athletes for different sports
  • Determining the nutritional needs of athletes at different age stages and with different types of diets followed by athletes
  • The role of nutrition in improving athletic performance and making a difference in the composition and shape of the athlete’s body

Content "Sports Nutrition" (2H:5Min)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Course Introduction images   4:33
2. Vitamins , Minerals , Electrolytes and Water.   2:10
3. Exercise Energy Systems.   5:23
4. Nutrition for Optimal Athletic Performance .   8:20
5. General Dietary guidelines.   3:10
6. Water Needs for Athletes.   4:33
7. Nutrition for Endurance, Supplements and Body Composition Assessment.   12:04
8. Weight Management and Body Energy.   6:30
9. Energy Needs of Strength Sports   8:08
10. Energy Balance.   13:40
11. Nutrition for active children and adolescents   9:41
12. Nutrition Needs for Pregnant Athletes & Older Adults   12:12
13. Nutrition with Illness and injury   15:27
14. Eating and Exercise disorders   9:30
15. Different Diets and Food Allergies   7:48
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