Professional Infection Control Diploma

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Course Overview

In this Diploma, explore the dynamic field of infection control and prevention. Gain insights into the impact of community-acquired infections and the crucial role of infection prevention in breaking the chain of transmission. Acquire comprehensive knowledge on precautions for occupational safety, protecting against the risk of infectious diseases. Become a proficient infection control practitioner, equipped to promote a safer and healthier environment for individuals and communities.

What you'll learn

  • Understanding of infection control strategies to prevent infections in healthcare settings.
  • Enhance ability to manage community-acquired infections, contributing to public health well-being.
  • Understanding the chain of infection and how to break it through effective preventive measures.
  • Ways of implementing and monitoring infection control practices, ensuring a safe environment for patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Implementing occupational safety precautions to minimize the risk of exposure to infectious diseases․
  • The role of infection control practitioner, equipped to lead and educate healthcare teams on best practices․

Course Requirements

  • Knowledge in related fields such as healthcare, nursing, or public health.

Content "Professional Infection Control Diploma" (5H:30Min)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Course Overview images   1:56
2. Covid-19   9:25
3. Aseptic Technique   16:02
4. Dental Clinic   9:14
5. Surveillance   9:29
6. Occupational Health & Safety - Part 1   13:36
7. Occupational Health & Safety - Part 2   9:45
8. Isolation   5:13
9. Operating Room (OR)   7:01
10. Intensive Care Unit (ICU)   7:43
11. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)   8:06
12. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)   6:35
13. نظافة الأيدي   7:37
14. التنظيف البيئي   9:43
15. Disinfectants   6:31
16. Laundry   5:29
17. قسم الطوارئ   5:31
18. المطبخ   9:12
19. Open discussion and Q&A   36:00
20. GAHAR Accreditation Survey Part 1   55:23
21. GAHAR Accreditation Survey Part 2   55:59
Lecture Title Watch
Open Discussion - Q&A (Zoom Session)   2H:00M
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Course Details

  • The Infection Control Diploma provides a solid academic foundation, equipping individuals with comprehensive knowledge and skills in infection control measures, epidemiology, and preventive strategies. The Diploma enables professionals to take on leadership roles, contribute to research and policy development, and make a significant impact in promoting patient safety and reducing healthcare-associated infections.
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