Healthcare Quality Into Reality

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Course Overview

Join this comprehensive course to master the essential pillars of healthcare quality and hospital management. Gain invaluable insights into the pivotal policies, procedures, and risk management practices that shape healthcare organizations. Learn from real-world case studies and practical tools designed to foster quality improvement in healthcare.

By the end of the course, you will be equipped to become a certified professional in healthcare quality, ready to make a tangible impact on patient safety and quality improvement. Whether you're aiming to be a quality management consultant or seeking expertise in quality and performance improvement in healthcare, this course provides the knowledge and skills needed to excel.

Embrace this opportunity to advance your career and contribute to healthcare-quality organizations. This training is your pathway to achieving quality accreditation and driving healthcare improvement. Become a healthcare quality leader and make a significant difference in the industry through the practical application of healthcare quality management principles.

What you'll learn

  • Understanding of healthcare quality frameworks, standards, and best practices.
  • Develop expertise in important policies, procedures, and risk management strategies.     Acquire skills in performance measurement, data analysis, and quality improvement methodologies.
  • Learn how to analyze and evaluate healthcare processes to identify areas for improvement and enhance patient care outcomes.
  • Learn effective communication and leadership strategies to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and drive quality initiatives.  
  • Understanding the importance of quality management in healthcare and its impact on patient safety, satisfaction, and organizational success.


Course Requirements

  • Knowledge in healthcare or a related field.

Content "Healthcare Quality Into Reality " (6H:00Min)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Course Introduction images   3:22
2. Quality Basics   8:18
3. Hospital Maestro   11:45
4. Quality Mindset   9:52
5. Hospital Plans   13:02
6. Hospital Committees   13:52
7. Quality Rounds   9:29
8. Quality Rounds Part 2   13:06
9. Quality Tools   13:56
10. Quality Tools Part 2   12:36
11. International Patient Safety Goals - Part 1 images   14:36
12. International Patient Safety Goals - Part 2 images   22:13
13. National Patient Safety Goals   15:42
14. Policies and Procedures   12:59
15. Data Management   9:28
16. Data Management Part 2   9:45
17. KPIs and Statistics   17:06
18. Reporting and Risk Management   10:03
19. Reporting and Risk Management 2   8:31
20. Accreditation and Standards   10:07
Lecture Title Watch
Open discussion and Q&A (Zoom Session)   2H:00M
Course Exam
Course Certificate
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Enhance Your Career with Healthcare Quality Management

Unlock a world of job opportunities in healthcare organizations by enrolling in our comprehensive course on healthcare quality management. Prepare for roles such as Healthcare Quality Consultant, Quality Assurance Manager, and Risk Manager. Gain the expertise needed to make a significant impact on patient care, organizational performance, and regulatory compliance, positioning yourself as a valuable asset in the healthcare industry and advancing your professional growth.

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