Healthcare Quality Into Reality

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Intermediate Level
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Course Overview

In this Course, we will take you in a journey with Dr. Heba Ramzi to explore the practical applications of the concept of healthcare quality in medical institutions, and filling the gap that exists among most of scientific certificates holders in quality, who did not have the opportunity to practice the practical interviews and questions that should be known when applying health quality.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the practical application of the job of quality officials in hospitals
  • Benefit from the theoretical knowledge of quality basics to apply them in line with the daily requirements of working in the hospital and health laws.
  • Being able to know the responsibility, capabilities and job description of the quality officer in the hospital and his role in raising the efficiency of service in hospitals.

Content "Healthcare Quality Into Reality " (6H:00Min)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Course Introduction images   3:22
2. Quality Basics   8:18
3. Hospital Maestro   11:45
4. Quality Mindset   9:52
5. Hospital Plans   13:02
6. Hospital Committees   13:52
7. Quality Rounds   9:29
8. Quality Rounds 2   13:06
9. Quality Tools   13:56
10. Quality Tools 2   12:36
11. International Patient Safety Goals - Part 1   14:36
12. International Patient Safety Goals 2   22:13
13. National Patient Safety Goals   15:42
14. Policies and Procedures   12:59
15. Data Management   9:28
16. Data Management 2   9:45
17. KPIs and Statistics   17:06
18. Reporting and Risk Management   10:03
19. Reporting and Risk Management 2   8:31
20. Accreditation and Standards   10:07
Lecture Title Watch
Open discussion and Q&A (Zoom Session)   2H:00M