Patient Safety

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Course Overview

Discover the essence of patient safety and quality management in healthcare environments through our comprehensive course. Embrace a culture of safety as we prioritize patient well-being above all. Uncover the diverse facets of medical errors and mistakes that may occur in healthcare delivery, understanding their root causes and implementing proactive prevention strategies. Delve into international patient safety guidelines and global benchmarks to enhance healthcare quality standards. Join us to empower patient safety committees in hospitals and redefine patient safety goals for a safer healthcare experience worldwide.


What you'll learn

  • Gain comprehensive understanding of patient safety goals in healthcare.
  •  Utilize Donabedian Model and effective techniques for quality assurance.
  • Recognize and prevent medical errors and mistakes.
  • Foster safety-oriented culture within healthcare facilities.
  •  Understand role of patient safety committees in hospitals.
  •  Adhere to international patient safety guidelines.
  •  Minimize risks and complications in medical procedures.
  • Contribute to safer patient outcomes in line with international goals.

Content "Patient Safety " (2H:01Min)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Introduction & Objectives images   3:47
2. Quality History   5:09
3. Quality Standards   4:18
4. Donabedian Model   4:17
5. Occasional Accidents   4:08
6. Understanding Safety Culture   4:01
7. Patient Safety Events   2:50
8. JCI Patient Safety Goals 1   9:05
9. JCI Patient Safety Goals 2   9:37
10. Swiss Cheese Model   7:15
11. How to Prevent Errors ?   1:23
12. Quality Improvement Strategies   2:14
13. FEMA & Lean 6 Sigma Model   2:52
Lecture Title Watch
Open discussion and Q&A (Zoom Session)   1H:00Min
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Gain an in-depth understanding of patient safety goals and international patient safety guidelines through our comprehensive course. Delve into the intricate realm of healthcare quality management and safety protocols, equipping yourself with essential knowledge to mitigate medical errors and mistakes effectively.

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