Hospital Pharmacy

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Course Overview

Explore the dynamic field of hospital pharmacy with our training course. Learn about preventing medication errors, managing adverse drug reactions, and mastering automated dispensing cabinets. Cultivate a patient-centric safety culture and navigate high-risk medications and medication repackaging. Additionally, delve into the key features of pharmaceutical services within hospital-based pharmacies, discovering unmet needs, and honing leadership skills as a professional pharmacist.

What you'll learn

  • Strategies for mitigating medication errors and enhancing patient safety. Examination of ADRs, encompassing their identification, management, and reporting.
  • Learning management of Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs) for accurate medication distribution.
  • Exploration of screening protocols and their role in minimizing medication-related risks.
  • A focused approach to high-risk medications, addressing their safe use and monitoring.
  • Understanding the complexities and best practices associated with pharmaceutical repackaging processes in healthcare settings.

Course Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in pharmacy or similar degree.

Content "Hospital Pharmacy" (3H:05Min)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Hospital Pharmacy Intro images   1:36
2. Stages of collaborative working relationships   3:40
3. Medication errors   2:48
4. Strategies for reducing prescribing errors images   4:34
5. Strategies for reducing administration errors & Technologies to prevent the 5 rights errors   4:31
6. Automated dispensing cabinets ADCs & Sound-Alike/Look-Alike Drugs   4:23
7. High alert medications   2:52
8. Strategies for reducing monitoring errors   1:35
9. Medications Reconciliation   4:22
10. PDSA Cycle   4:23
11. Root Cause Analysis ( RCA )   2:29
12. Failure Mode Effect Analysis ( FEMA )   2:02
13. Adverse drug events (ADEs) & Relationship between medication errors and ADEs   4:29
14. Etiology of ADRs   2:48
15. The Naranjo Algorithm   4:00
16. Passive surveillance & FDA’s MedWatch program   3:13
17. Why Report to MedWatch?   3:05
18. Passive surveillance programs disadvantages   1:25
19. Active surveillance and Sentinel sites   2:09
20. Sentinel site surveillance system and Registries   1:49
Lecture Title Watch
Open discussion and Q&A (Zoom Session)   2 Hours
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