Healthcare Systems Accreditation

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Course Overview

In this Course, Dr. Heba Ramzi will explore more about the main concepts of hospital accreditation, the different accreditation systems for different countries (JCI, CBAHI, GAHAR…etc), the importance of the concept of accreditation for hospitals, and clarify the role of the Healthcare Quality specialist in leading his hospital to be accredited.

What you'll learn

  • The importance of accreditation in healthcare systems.
  • Different types of accreditation in different countries (CBAHI, GAHAR, JCI...).
  • Practical steps for accreditation investigation and necessary preparatory work.
  • Read the standards and how to apply them in the hospital.
  • As a quality specialist, how do you improve the culture of adherence to standards in your hospital?

Content "Healthcare Systems Accreditation " (4H:5Min)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Course Overview images   8:09
2. Why Accreditation is Important ?   5:56
3. Quality Specialist Role   8:03
4. Quality Standards   4:43
5. Different Accreditation Agencies   9:40
6. Different Agencies (Gahar)   11:36
7. Different Agencies (CBAHI)   6:28
8. Different Agencies (JCI)   4:37
9. Survey Process   15:16
10. Example of Standards (GAHAR)   10:56
11. Example of Standards (CBAHI)   8:17
12. Example of Standards (JCI)   7:31
13. National Essential Safety Requirements   15:01
14. Facts About Accreditation   3:44
15. Closure   4:34
Lecture Title Watch
Open Discussion - Q&A (Zoom Session)   2H:00M
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