Healthcare Systems Accreditation

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Course Overview

In our Healthcare Systems Accreditation Course, you will delve deeper into the core principles of hospital accreditation. Discover the intricacies of different accreditation systems like JCI, CBAHI, GAHAR, and their significance in elevating healthcare standards globally. Gain invaluable insights into the pivotal role of Healthcare Quality specialists as they guide hospitals towards achieving prestigious accreditation status and becoming a leader in shaping a culture of excellence and patient-centered care.

What you'll learn

  • Understanding of the importance of healthcare accreditation and its impact on healthcare systems. 
  • Learn about different accreditation models and standards used in healthcare systems.
  • Acquire practical knowledge of the accreditation process and the necessary preparatory steps.
  • Develop skills in applying accreditation standards within healthcare organizations.
  • Explore strategies to enhance a culture of compliance with accreditation standards in your healthcare facility.
  • Position yourself as a knowledgeable professional in healthcare quality and accreditation, opening doors to career advancement opportunities.

Course Requirements

  • Knowledge in healthcare or a related field.

Content "Healthcare Systems Accreditation " (4H:5Min)

Lecture Title Watch
1. Course Overview images   8:09
2. Why Accreditation is Important ?   5:56
3. Quality Specialist Role   8:03
4. Quality Standards   4:43
5. Different Accreditation Agencies   9:40
6. Different Agencies (Gahar)   11:36
7. Different Agencies (CBAHI)   6:28
8. Different Agencies (JCI)   4:37
9. Survey Process   15:16
10. Example of Standards (GAHAR)   10:56
11. Example of Standards (CBAHI)   8:17
12. Example of Standards (JCI)   7:31
13. National Essential Safety Requirements   15:01
14. Facts About Accreditation   3:44
15. Closure   4:34
Lecture Title Watch
Open Discussion - Q&A (Zoom Session)   2H:00M
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Course Details

  • Healthcare Systems Accreditation course provides a solid academic foundation in quality management principles and accreditation standards. It equips you with practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to enhance healthcare services and improve patient outcomes. Additionally, earning a certification in healthcare systems accreditation opens doors to a variety of career opportunities in healthcare quality management and leadership roles including roles such as Healthcare Quality Specialist, Quality Assurance Manager, and Risk Manager. By gaining expertise in healthcare quality management, you can make a significant impact on patient care, organizational performance, and regulatory compliance, positioning yourself as valuable asset in the healthcare industry and advancing your professional growth.
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